Monday, May 11, 2009

I did not drown, at least not physically

I am alive, I did not drown, although my storage unit did. Let me tell out a storage unit, transfering things to new boxes, throwing out trash, starting to reload said unit and realizing water is seeping in from the next door unit, removing all things from said unit, moving them to a unit on the next floor while the elevator is broken..all of that is not fun. It is even less fun in heels and dress clothes. I wouldn't recommend it.

The next day while carpooling to work, my car just the exchange of two busy rush hour. Nothing like looking at the poor person who had the luck to be riding w/ you and have a problem and begin drifting to the right shoulder as soon as possible. PS to tow truck drivers...clean out your seat...I am in an expensive dress and heels, I do not want to sit on a grease-covered rag. (how girly did that sound?) Also, two women discussing a relationship do not need running commentary from you about what you think. You have met us for all of two minutes, been condescending, you're coughing without covering your mouth. What qualifies you as an expert in her relationship? P.S. Asking a woman if she is dating a married man..not cool.

Oh yeah, and Mom dropped the bomb that the lumps we've been 'monitoring' have grown and she has an appointment with an oncologist who comes highly recommended and she looks forward to meeting the doctor. All said in a very off-hand way right before, "Oh, my show's on. Gotta go" Click. Dead silence. Me staring at the phone that says, 'Mom' Call ended. 15:25. She waits 15 minutes to drop that info in the last 25 secs of a phone call? What?

I'm gonna chalk that week up as lost somewhere underwater...or was it the enormous amout of alcohol?