Friday, May 7, 2010

Another way to amuse yourself at work

So, my group at work is "leading by example"* and as a result, I have moved from my office to open plan. (Door, I love and miss you so). As such, I sit and stare at 3 other attorneys all day, one of whom came onboard about three weeks ago. Dilbert has nothing on us at this point. This morning, not really thinking that I am in full view of my co-workers, I take out my gallon-bag holding my daily prescriptions and start laying out my pills. As I am popping roughly 8 pills into my mouth I look up and see one of my co-workers staring at me. Now, I am not psychic but sometimes you just know what someone is thinking (or at least I pretend I do). As he watches me medicate myself, you can see him dying to ask why in the world I am taking all this medicine. Almost immediately after the curiosity, stark fear chases across his face. This man should never play poker.

I imagine his internal dialogue went something like this: "holy crap that's a lot of medicine. How can she swallow all of that at once? I wonder why she is taking all of that......dear lord, is she sick? Is it contagious? I am sitting less than 8 feet away with nothing between us!"
At this point, I smile at him and ask, "which explanation would scare you less: I am the resident drug dealer or that what I have isn't catching so long as you cross your fingers in front of you and say ewww cooties?"

I am strongly considering giving myself my weekly shot in front of him next week. Just imagining myself bare ass in front of my co-workers is enough to give myself a chuckle :)

*Leading by example-another fine example of corporate speak...translation: you're getting screwed but you have to be happy about it and sell it to everyone else.

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