Thursday, June 18, 2009

My shoes aren't pointy enough today

So, my friends and I have some funny statements we like to use. One of my favorites is used when frustrated or angry.

He makes me so angry I just want to kick him in the shins. Now, if any of you have ever been kicked in the shin, you know it hurts. As situations warranted we came up with other variations but the final version I believe is priceless.

I want to kick him in the shins, with the pointy shoes. You all know the shoes I am talking about. They come to a definitive point about 2 inches past the end of the toe and are hard! As you can imagine, this would cause pain when it comes into contact with someone's shin and gives me the delightful release of kicking the person who is currently the cause of my latest headache.

You may be wondering why I'm telling you about this saying between me and my girlfriends this morning. The reason is this: I was in a meeting this morning with some colleagues and one dumbass hasn't been doing his job. Well instead the man being punished, I get 'rewarded'. In other words, I get 5 of his projects on top of the rest of the shit I do. This seems more like punishment than a reward but whatever.

While sitting in this meeting and looking at the lazy ass, the thought crossed my mind that I wanted to kick him in the shins but it would have to wait till tomorrow because I am not wearing sufficiently pointy shoes today. So I left the meeting, opened Outlook calendar and created an appointment for tomorrow. The appointment says, "Wear pointy brown sling backs, comfortable pants, and kick Dumbass in the shins. Box to pack stuff in after being fired optional."

PPS: I know my feet look fat but I couldn't figure out how to take a picture of my own feet from a flattering angle. Thanks for mentioning it though.

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  1. Absolutely right on, RRE! "not wearing sufficiently pointy shoes"...I love it. We are walking similar roads this week.