Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am not God, nor a priest, nor a path to enlightenment.

Okay, so sometimes you need to tell a friend something and sometimes you really don't. Sometimes confessing doesn't help, it harms. Sometimes the twisted need you feel to confess is really just a desire to switch the weight of what you've done onto someone else's shoulders.
Confessing in these situations doesn't make you a better person. It makes you lazy and selfish.
Get a blog. Talk about it on myspace. Go confess at the Church of Sass.
I don't give a shit really but don't burden me with something that I didn't need to know and now makes our relationship ultra-weird.
If we have already had an awkward moment and conversation months ago and have both moved on from that, do not, I repeat DO NOT, call me at midnight to confess.

Okay so months ago, after a little too much to drink, we shared one of those, "Are we going to kiss?" moments. The answer then was no. *remember your girlfriend b/c I did* The answer now is no. Your fiance deserves better than this. Confess to her if you want to confess. I don't need to know that you think about me and that moment a lot and wonder what if? I spite-f*cked your friend. We talked about our weird moment after it happened, got it straighted out, I started dating someone, you got engaged. I don't feel guilty. Nothing happened. If you feel the need to confess this to me because you feel guilty, really I am the wrong outlet. That is what your parents, your priest or your God is for. Not me. END OF STORY.

You want to know (I'm not sure if this is the best or worst) part. You don't even know I blog so you won't be reading this. You won't get this fabulous piece of advice. As if it wasn't too late already. Sheesh.

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  1. Ugh, that shit really is too much. Especially if it's been MONTHS. I swear, guys talk about how women don't get over stuff, but they can be just as clingy and emotional.