Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yeah, right

So my company has been laying people off. Thankfully I am not one of them (Although if I keep logging into blogger all the time maybe not for long). Today I received a corporate email that said "....[We] ask each of you to remain confident in our strategy and ability to meet the ever-evolving challenges of our industry; confident in our focus in making sure that we have the best talent...."

How are we supposed to remain confident when people are being escorted out of the building?
How are we supposed to remain confident when our bonuses were awful and we aren't receiving raises?
How are we...never mind, you get the picture. Am I the only person who reacts this way when I receive these e-mails? They are meant to be reassuring and warm and fuzzy, I think. It just doesn't strike me that way.

Maybe b/c in this same e-mail it mentions that the current lay-off notifications have brought us in line with our current budget, but the company continues to assess the business climate and our overall competitiveness.

In other words, take a breath now suckers b/c just because you missed the firing squad this time doesn't mean the ax-man isn't waiting in the wings.

HMMM, wonder why I don't feel reassured?


  1. Those supposedly reassuring emails just serve to make me wonder what's ACTUALLY going on. I have zero faith in just about everything any more.

  2. Hello, and thanks for following. Don't know if you caught THIS post of mine, but obviously we are in similar Firms. Or maybe you caught it and that's why you did follow.

    We got the "reassuring" speach the other day, too. Not sure how assuring it was, but now-a-days I always feel the cold shadow of the axe hanging over me, and I should feel somewhat secure due to the fact that my group really is a 3 person job, and we've only got two doing it.