Friday, March 20, 2009

The inmates are running the asylum

I love my friends. I told you that I would occasionally post things that my friends say that I find funny. (If you don't, well, it's my blog and even if it's boring I'm going to keep doing it).

Today, the KU Jayhawks were playing in Round 1 of the NCAA tourney. I diligently worked (read snuck out for a long lunch with a friend to watch the first half). My friend and I left the restaurant and went back to our respective jobs. My friend is a civil engineer for the state (Since I have known him he has been in charge of several large projects on the largest interstate in the state). My friend calls me at my office to see if I can see the game online (and of course I can't, because corporate big brother stop sign popped up and told me the site is blocked). So instead, he turned his up very loudly, put the phone on speaker and let me listen to the game over the phone.

I asked him, "Don't you have work to do?"

His response, "There's a reason it takes 10 years to complete a freeway around here."


  1. I totally hate it when work gets in the way of me-time! And I seriously believe in a four day work week, especially on gorgeous days like this.

  2. I love you! Especially since I know who said friend is...and I can absolutely imagine him saying this. - L

  3. Oh, too funny!! And you know it's true too. ;-)

    Great blog!!