Thursday, March 26, 2009

and senior management fails

While sitting in another of these required corporate meetings, severe weather was threatening.(I was of course blogging from my crackberry) Senior management interrupted and explained that in the case of tornado our shelter was to be in the hallway outside of the meeting room. How nice of them to think of us .... Outside in the hallway on the highest level with walls of glass. Hmmmmmm...

Why do I suddenly feel like a telephone operator in a Douglas Adams story?


  1. The real question is, do have the urge to wear a fur cap? I'm thinking the emergency stairwell is probably a better choice. And if you like Adams, you'll probably like Pratchett too.

  2. You're feelin' the love, I can tell. ;-)

  3. walls of glass...highest true where to're a real-life metaphor!