Monday, March 9, 2009

Stupid Calendars

So Friday I received a meeting notice from my boss for Monday.
I didn't sleep well last night. Did NOT want to get up this morning. Alarm goes off, roomie getting ready, think that I should hit snooze and sleep till she is done. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat (except this time not snooze but power button). Wake up, look at clock.
I am late for said meeting. Run around like mad woman. Cannot find matching shoes. Run around some more. Step over cat numerous times as he bites ankles. Run down stairs, get in car. Pull out crackberry, open Outlook calendar. No meeting. Where is the meeting? Why isn't it here? More panic. Have I already been fired?
Scroll forward on crackberry.
Meeting next Monday.

Apparently I didn't look at said meeting notice closely.

Look for next Monday's recount of the repeat performance.


  1. I HATE Mondays like this. Next Daylight Savings Monday, I'm taking the day off.

  2. I hate that feeling. I kept waking my husband up early Sunday morning asking him why he hadn't left for work yet.

  3. Sass, I bet your husband loved that!