Tuesday, April 7, 2009

and yet one more reason I'm going to hell

Hi all,
I haven't died or been seriously injured or kidnapped by a transvestite Johnny Depp. Instead, I've just been really frickin' busy. So this will not be a long post, or even an interesting post, just a quick rant.

I have been getting e-mails from my co-workers about their upcoming schedules. Keep in mind that I have been working so hard and so long that I haven't been able to blog. I even (gasp) worked Saturday. (Hey I'm salaried, I am not getting compensated for that.) Just to give you an idea of the e-mails.....
Upcoming schedule:
Thursday April 09 - 19/30
Friday April 10 - Holiday
Monday April 13 - Vacation
Tuesday April 14 - Vacation
Wednesday April 15-Vacation (maybe)

My assistant even declared her unavailability the 13-16th. Now that doesn't seem traitorous, but it is. the 15th is Tax Day, not just for federal income tax but for property tax in a good many states. I am in the midst of filing more than 1000 returns and my assistant takes next week off?!? Traitorous bitch....or maybe I'm the bitch and she doesn't want to be around me next week...food for thought.

Friday is a corporate holiday here. (I guess because we're all Christian and want to celebrate Good Friday instead of MLK day, WTF?) I'm pretty sure the fact that I resent Good Friday as a holiday and that I secretly envy (read seriously hate all co-workers who are taking vacation) my vacationing co-workers, I am going to hell. And guess where I will be Friday? In my office, by myself, cussing at the copy machine. Sometimes it sucks being me. Wait, isn't that the definition of Hell: Working for no money on a corporate holiday by yourself?
On the bright side, one of my co-workers made me smile with the following email:

Since everyone else is sending out a schedule I figured I should do so too. I am going to be here all week.

I feel ya Jim. We'll get beers and make fun of all those losers on vacation. It'll be fine, as soon as I'm done crying.


  1. I'm totally annoyed that our office is closed this Friday as well. On the up side, there won't be any idiots clogging up the hallways and coffee pot areas with their yackity-yack bs did-you-see-the-game crap, either. I love an empty office on a regular weekday. I can finally get some work done, in peace and quiet. I despise everyone in my department at the moment. In fact, I can't even sleep for thinking about today...my hate is keeping me awake. I am seriously seeking solace in other people's blogs. Glad you posted this. Hope your Friday is productive.

  2. As an unemployed person (read: stay at home mom), I do NOT get Friday off. Nor any other day for that matter, so I feel your pain. ;)

  3. I wanna be kidnapped by a transvestite Johnny Depp!! So very "Ed Wood." And I'm doing a little happy dance 'cause Friday is my last day! A very good Friday indeed. Sorry you're trapped in corporate hell, I'll send postcards from whatever level I end up in.