Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Reasons I won't shop at Wal-Mart

In honor of Sass's flurry of thoughts, I thought I would expand on the Wal-Mart experience and why I won't shop there. I wrote the following post sometime in 2006 but thought I'd repost it here. Now, I realize that other people have very lofty reasons why they boycott Wal-Mart:
Sub-standard wages
Refusal to provide health insurance
Community impact
Poor working conditions --getting trampled to death for crap money seems like a problem.

Those are all good reasons. I can respect all of them. Mine are a bit more ...hmmm...the word, what is the word? (Maybe you can supply the adjective when you've read the following)

So, the last two times I have went to Wal-Mart weird things have happened to me.....I've made an executive decision not to return....

First, I went one evening to procure some bbq provisions. I want to make one thing clear (just in case anyone has this doubt in the back of their minds) I do not get dressed up and try to pick up men at Wal-Mart. So, while wandering around looking for an elusive can of peach pie filling for a recipe of fruit salad, I see a large man in slippers, dirty sweat pants and crazy hair watching me. I leave that aisle and proceed with my shopping. I again notice him, this time next to a vegetable tray. I again walk away and travel to the beverage aisle to pick up some tonic water and there he is again. Now, keep in mind that Wal-Mart is a black-hole that sucks up time so at least an hour has passed between my first crazy sighting and this one...and this time I realize he doesn't have a cart or any purchases. He walks up and says, "Hey pretty lady"....(spooky I know, but still). I leave this time and travel to the far side of the store for sun screen, etc and I meet him again in aisle containing feminine products. Anyway to make a long story short, I had to have a Wal-Mart employee walk me to my car because he was still following me.

Last week, I went to go get some cold medicine because I caught a summer cold (aren't they the worst pain in the butt?) I bend over to get the cold medicine off the bottom shelf and I feel someone touch me.
***Guys, I have a random question. Why is it that because I have a tattoo that can sometimes be seen peeking out over the top of my pants people think it is okay to touch me? Is that an unwritten invitation that I was unaware of? If so, I am going to add writing above it that says, "if you can read this, you're TOO close. And NO you cannot touch me!"***
Where was I? Oh yeah, I feel someone touch me (and it is not the same strange dude from the first incident)....tracing my tattoo. I stand up, turn around, and freeze....The guy is standing there smiling and asks "I was trying to see what your tattoo was. Can I see the rest of it?"
Now maybe it was because I was sick and not my usual sunny-dispositioned self, but I have to admit it. I got angry. I asked him why the hell he was touching me at my ass crack and told him that if he knew what was good for him he would go away very quickly. And you know what he did?!?....he asked me for my phone #...

Now is this strange behavior to anyone else? I mean does everyone but me go around Wal-Mart touching complete strangers in very personal places and expect that to be a welcome contact? Maybe I'm losing it, I don't know.

Anyway, that is why I hope to never return to Wal-Mart....now the challenge will be finding somewhere else that will change my oil while I buy porkchops and shampoo...any ideas?

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  1. He did NOT trace your tattoo?!?!?!?!?!? I would have kicked him so hard in the crotch he would have been able to trace my foot print on his...never mind. Where was I?

    Yesterday, in my post, I forgot to mention the time I walked out of Fart-Mart only to see a man urinating on a car near mine.

    Yup. Thank goodness for Target...Ooh, and my personal favorite, Meijer.

    Thanks for the mention! Rock on!