Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Sweaty, Smelly Day

Chronicle of my Day:

630..ready for work, have time to make and DRINK coffee before leaving

7:30...drop car off at car fixing place and get shuttle to work

7:48...Facebook status = Random Real Estate is feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Feeling very positive and optimistic

8:15...Take phone call regarding how to figure rent for a fixture that is recessed and flush-mounted to the wall (don't ask, but general geeky hilarity ensues)

9:30...discuss problem with Bossman

10:07...asked to review property tax valuations on assets
10:08...realized I don't know crap about valuing this type of asset
10:09...called Admin and asked who normally reviews these values
10:10...started to sweat

10:35...found out the income data needed for me to review the values is in SAP
10:36...feeling much better about myself b/c now I know where to get the information (See, I can do this).

10:42...I can't figure out how to use SAP
10:43...continue sweating
10:45...Maybe if I do this, or this, or this it will work?

11:00...Call Admin ask for help with SAP. Am promised a name and number in 30 min.
11:02...distracted by shiny object

11:35...miss Admin's call (she's five minutes late with the information)

11:45...Go to lunch

12:30... return from lunch
12:31...check messages, car center place called...repairs will be 500
12:32...Realize they said $500 DOLLARS WTF?!?
12:33...Continue to string together an amazing assortment of curse words, 500???

12:45...finish cursing the heavens, earth, Pontiac, the @ss who ran me off the road, metal that bends, tires, and life in general

12:47...realize that I am quite sweaty but figure I'll cool down and dry off now that I am no longer trying to burst a blood vessel by raising my blood pressure.

1:00...Call computer guru guy

1:20...Confident I can now beat SAP

1:30...made it through the first SAP world but failed on my second. Yes, I want to play again. I can do this.

1:45...Failure again. A computer program will not beat me. I will persevere

2:15...Now this is a matter of pride. I can do this, and without calling Guru guy back.
2:17...Car Center calls back...$75 extra for the fancy sensor...grrrr!!

2:20...Attack SAP again. I will win damn it!

2:30...Not ready to admit defeat.

2:45...Retreat may be imminent

3:00...I am beat and broken by SAP.

3:15...realize that I smell and forgot to put deodorant on today.

Currently, Can I go home?

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  1. Awwww, sounds like somebody needs a hug!! But since you forgot deodorant, then I don't think I really want to touch you. Or even get that close. :)