Monday, February 16, 2009

Strange Observations

So, I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this and thought there might be something wrong with this. I'm wandering around CVS the other night waiting for a prescription to be filled and I come across the aisle where the condoms are kept. They are now kept behind locked glass!?! When did this start? (And what does that say about my sex life that I didn't know?)

I am trying to put my finger on why this disturbs me so much. It really irks me. Maybe it's because if someone is willing to steal condoms to practice safe sex we shouldn't make it harder should we? Not that I condone petty theft, mind you...but...


  1. Can't help but wonder how accessible the porn mags were by comparison. Bet THEY weren't locked up behind glass! And yes, that seems totally backwards. I bet they've cut the child welfare budget in that locale as well.

  2. It's weird, but here, at the grocery store, the condoms are locked up, but not at the pharmacy. There are also a couple of "adult" establishments where the condoms aren't locked up either.

  3. I also wonder why the razors are locked up. Seriously? The razors and the condoms. Seems like a bad combination to me.