Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When will it end?

In the name of all that is holy, when will this torment end? Okay, so I've been saying for a long time now that I was going to quit smoking. First it was going to be over summer break 1L year, then Christmas 2L year, then summer, then Christmas then after graduation, (Yeah right, like I was going to quit while studying for the bar. What a joke!) then after the bar, then after I got a job, then after I got the current job and moved . . . .and the list goes on. I think you see the pattern.

Well may I have your attention please? I have went 7 (seven) whole days without a cigarette. I am sure good things are happening in my body. I am sure eventually the cravings will leave. I am sure I will stop obsessing over how bad I want a cigarette. I am sure that when I smell a coat that I have smoked in it won't send me into a nicotine fit. I am absolutely sure this will all eventually happen.

In the meantime, stay away from me for your own good. I am a bitch on wheels.


  1. Did you go cold turkey?? bless your heart. I am one month cigarette free after smoking for 12 years...but I had the help of Chantix

    good luck! if you have gotten through a week, you can make it forever.

  2. Vinylvillage,
    Thank you for your support and encouragement! Keep me posted on how you're doing on your quest to quit too! And congrats on the one month down.